Winnings Per Hour Is What Matters Mathematically

I graduated with a degree in mathematics, so I always take the time to see if I can look at things a little more analytically than most people. I couldn't help applying it to my new favorite hobby, online scratch cards. I themed scratch cards out of personal preference, and I started keeping close track on the game types, whether I was playing match 3 or bonus round games, games with special mechanics and so on.

I saw which game types I was winning the most money on, the most frequently at, and the ones that I could stand to win more at due to being able to increase my wagers. From there, I kept track of my money going in and coming out, since I didn't really want to get behind by much. It turns out that I shouldn't have worried about that, because I was always a lot more ahead than the amounts I was putting in to play with.

I did spend a lot of time switching between free play and paid play modes, since I didn't want to jump right in to the paid play on games that I didn't have a lot of experience with. The flexibility of being able to practice the games and choose whether to spend any money or not was great, and I certainly enjoyed having the options available. Plus it helped out with my data gathering and overall enjoyment of the games.

The thing everyone should remember is, it's not how much you win in one jackpot or how often you win that matters. What matters is how much you win each hour. If you win a 200 euro prize but then lose 210 euros that game isn't doing you any favors. If you win 3 out of 4 tries but only 1 euro each time you also won't be happy at the end. Try to keep an hourly chart of how much you invested and how much you won, that way you can always make sure you are staying ahead of the game!