What's More Important - Winning Or Having Fun?

For some of the luckiest players this question never even comes up. Some players I know happen to love the game that they win the most often. However, if you are like me, you may find out that the game you win the most often isn't the game you enjoy playing the most.

I've always loved race horses and the virtual race horse game at Ladbrokes is perfect for my gaming style. I win at it but not quite as much as I win when I play some of the multi-line slot machine styled scratch card games. So, what's a better way to use my time... playing the game I love or playing the game that pays more of my bills?

The system I've come up with may be helpful for some of you if you come up on the same question in your own gaming experience. I play the money game exclusively all month until I reach my goal. I don't even let myself look at my favorite fun games until after I know my bills are paid. Then, once I hit my target, I let myself switch to racing virtual ponies online. That way, my fun game stays fun because I'm really just playing for bonus jackpots on my monthly schedule and the slot winners are the 'work horse' of my pro player strategy (pardon my pun lol).

If you put taking care of business before going after pleasure, you never have that nagging doubt in your mind that you are shirking some important responsibilities... and as we all know doubt is the worst thing a gamer can allow to creep in to their psyche. Get the goal done first and go confidently into the sweetest part of the online scratch card career you've chosen for yourself online!