Types of Online Scratchcard Games

The online scratchcard game world is filled with many different types of games and gaming systems, providing consumers with an almost dizzying array of scratch cards to choose from. While this variety is represented in physical scratchcard games, the accessibility of the online versions of this classic lottery game give developers a freer reign with game types and themes that might not be as popular with the scratch card market.

The technology used by online scratchcard games does not require a download in most cases. Scratchcard games use Javascript or Flash technology, which should already be downloaded for your browser. If it is not, your Internet browser will inform you of the appropriate add-on to download and install. Since the games don't require any set up, you can sample from the entire game range without buffering, loading time or third-party software installation.

You'll find many popular game themes. Sports theme scratch card games don't change the mechanics of the game, but you'll see the symbols matching up with the equipment, awards and other items commonly used in the sport. Scratchcard versions of other types of games, such as slots and roulette, can also be found, although these also continue the classic match three game play.

Media tie-ins are getting more and more common as the popularity of the online scratchcard increases. Popular magazines, game shows, and even comic books are used for scratchcard themes, providing an accessible way for newcomers to the scratchcard world to select games that they would want to play. When the scratchcards are based after a popular game show, certain elements of the show are often used in the gameplay itself. These cards are not usually match three, but contain bonus rounds and other elements that relate to the show. For example, a scratch card based on the popular game show Let's Make a Deal, has you opening up the briefcases with your scratchies. The banker offers are still available and it adds a fascinating element to the scratch card. The game Who Wants to Be a Millionaire scratch card also provides you with a game play experience that closely mimics the show.

Another popular scratch card theme are ones that match classic and popular physical scratch cards. Since National Lotteries and other official entities are getting involved in online scratch card games, the official scratchcard offerings of the countries may pop up from time to time, providing a familiar face in the sea of online scratch games.