From Tradesman To Scratch Card Professional


I used to work with my hands as a tradesman, it was a good honest living, but it was a lot harder than what I'm doing these days. I'd heard about scratch card games online from a friend of mine and decided to look into it. He kept telling me about these pro guides he was reading for tips and I asked myself what made those other players 'pros' and us just amateur joes?

That' when I came to the conclusion that I was gonna put in all the time and do all the reading and learn as much as I could about the way the pros play. I kept working hard in the daytime with my hands, but every night I was working just as hard at home putting my mind to the task of beating the house online.

At the start I was losing more than I won, but the best tip I read from anyone else and one I don't mind passing on to you is start small before you learn to win big. If you are playing within your limits, even if you lose plenty of times at first you still won't feel much of a sting and once you are really sure of the rules and have found your favorite games you can always increase the action at that point to take advantage of the techniques you discover.

These days I play online scratch cards three to four hours a day, I still lose sometimes and anyone who says they never lose is fibbing, but I win more often and I'm taking home enough every month to keep a nice enough cushion to quit my day job! No more boss, no more being on their schedule, there's nothing better than the freedom I earn for myself every day that I play.