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I've never really thought of myself as a lucky person, but I still tried my hand at scratchcards, lotteries and anything else that could help me get out of my work rut. I got tired of waiting around in the queue forever for my scratchcards, especially when the blokes ahead of me would win and I wouldn't get a pound.

For some of the luckiest players this question never even comes up. Some players I know happen to love the game that they win the most often. However, if you are like me, you may find out that the game you win the most often isn't the game you enjoy playing the most.

I had them and I'm sure you all have plenty of them too. Negative people who sit on the sidelines and tell you the mistakes they think you are making with your life. They don't DO anything, they never take a chance or play a hunch, they just sit back with their arms folded telling everyone else how smart they are. Well, the smartest thing I've ever done is find new friends with a positive energy about them!


I used to work with my hands as a tradesman, it was a good honest living, but it was a lot harder than what I'm doing these days. I'd heard about scratch card games online from a friend of mine and decided to look into it. He kept telling me about these pro guides he was reading for tips and I asked myself what made those other players 'pros' and us just amateur joes?

When I watch the media and see the hottest women with a famous footballer or singer I always told myself they were just after the money in his contract. I'm a fair looking guy with some education and a good heart but I never did all that well with women.... until I discovered the easy money I could make with online scratch cards!

I've been an avid gamer for decades. Some of you younger folk can't even imagine a world that existed before the internet, but for many of us the internet is still a relatively new invention. I can still remember Queuing Up outside in the cold on my way to work while waiting for the lottery store to open its doors! Imagine standing outside and freezing your knickers off to make sure you have your ticket in your hand when the drawing happens.

I read a book a few months back and one of the things it talked about was the power of mental projection. In layman terms, if you want to win a prize you need to visualize it in your mind and get it as clear as possible so you can use your will to bend it into reality. It seemed like a bunch of balderdash when I read it but I figured why not give it a try.

I first got into scratch card gaming online about two years ago. It was always fun and a great way to pass the time if I was up late and didn't have plans to be anywhere that night. Then one day I was home in the afternoon and I saw my flat-mate playing online as well! We both had no idea the other was a gamer and when we got to talking about our play styles we found out we like all the same games like the ones they offer over at Ladbrokes.

Heya folks - my playname is 4Rows, if you see me online be sure to say hello. I figured I'd share some of what I know so you can learn and become a better player quickly if you take my tips to heart. Some people think that when they get on a hot streak that's the best time to increase the investment and go for the big score. That has never worked for and most of the pro players I know see it from the opposite point of view. One of the things that separates the pro winners from the cold fish and new players is the fact that pros chart every play to keep track of the tilt.

I'm a novice at online gaming but I've been in the lotteries for a long time and over the years I can honestly say I won more than I lose. One of the things I find is that luck is real. Some people think gaming is all about math and science but that can't explain why some people win mega jackpots and others don't win even if they play every day. What I do is try to pay attention to what I did on the days when I win and see if it works more than once.