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For many of us, playing scratch cards is one of our favourite pastimes, which allows us to relax and have fun while giving us the chance to end up winning some serious cash at the same time. But many people ask me if there is a particular game I recommend, maybe one I like and play more than others. Well now its time to let you all in on my secret – I don’t have a favourite and I don’t recommend any one particular game.

I know it sounds strange when you read the title but it's all true. My dog Charlie has been with me almost eight years now. He's the best pup on the planet. When I first sat down to try online scratch cards he came running over to my desk like shot out of a cannon! The noises and the flashing cartoons on the screen got him even more excited than me. I started playing and I think he could sense how much fun I was having so he started wagging his tail and not much later on he was barking at the screen before some of my games.

I graduated with a degree in mathematics, so I always take the time to see if I can look at things a little more analytically than most people. I couldn't help applying it to my new favorite hobby, online scratch cards. I themed scratch cards out of personal preference, and I started keeping close track on the game types, whether I was playing match 3 or bonus round games, games with special mechanics and so on.

I just love loading up my online scratchcard games and seeing what today is offering. I especially like trying out the latest scratch card games that I find reviewed here on because these are the games I feel I know best thanks to the detailed reviews they publish for each of them. There's something about a new and shiny game board that makes me think it helps my luck. I certainly need the help, because I have got to be the most unlucky person that I know.

I know a lot of people seem to really enjoy the "theme" cards that are floating around like Monopoly and Deal or No Deal, but my preference definitely runs to the online slots style cards. I really like playing slots at casinos, but sometimes I just don't want to deal with the noise or the people, and other times I'd rather not have to make the drive over there.

I've been working in a low paying job for a long time, and while I didn't have any illusions about getting rich all of a sudden playing scratchies, I did want to try and make a good living at it so I could dump my day job eventually. I spent a lot of time talking to friends about whether they've had much luck in the online game scene, and the stories that I heard certainly got me excited to try it out.

I hadn't really thought much about online games, sometimes I'd pick up a card or two at the store on the way home from work, but that was about it. My friend was all about it though, it is one of her favorite hobbies and she was always talking about the money she was making. I doubt I would have gotten into it if she had said she was hitting jackpots constantly – that's just exaggeration right there. But the numbers that she mentioned were sound, and I certainly wouldn't turn down making a steady income like that from a game in my own free time!

I've been playing online lottery games for a few years now. I'm not what you would call a serious gamer type, I just have a lot of spare time that I like to fill up with the cards. Some days I'll get a few hours in, other days I'll only have a few minutes. This is the type of thing that you can just pick up when you have a few spare moments, and that's nothing no matter how busy my schedule ended up being.

I have always been a big lottery player, even if I've gone a long time in between wins. Statistically I knew that I probably wouldn't win all that often, but the hope at being able to get a big payoff just by spending a few euros was enough for me. Then I discovered online scratchcards and my hobby changed quickly. With Scratchies I can win at least once every few games and the prizes are still big enough to get my heart pounding with excitement!

I finally did it! The grand prize on my favorite online gaming site. It was a day that I'll never forget, even though it was just my standard day up to that point. It was a work day, so I had to haul myself out of bed, start breakfast, and attempt to wake up to face the day. It was a pretty unremarkable day at work, the same office gossip and barely tolerable management policies, a bland and forgettable lunch, and finally the day was over.