Syndicate Play Makes Scratch Cards Even More Fun

I first got into scratch card gaming online about two years ago. It was always fun and a great way to pass the time if I was up late and didn't have plans to be anywhere that night. Then one day I was home in the afternoon and I saw my flat-mate playing online as well! We both had no idea the other was a gamer and when we got to talking about our play styles we found out we like all the same games like the ones they offer over at Ladbrokes.

Being students neither one of us has a huge budget to invest, so we decided we could improve our odds by forming a syndicate with a few of our friends. Now each week the five of us pony up some coin and we get together for a gaming session which usually feels like more of a party than anything else.

Good friends, good times and usually when we log off all the drinks and food has already been paid for with our winnings! We know that our chances of winning really big and becoming millionaires drop because we agree to share the wins, but we also have less risk and more money to play so since we love the fun and excitement of the games, it suits our play style best to be part of a syndicate.

So many solitary players don't know the joys of syndicate play, but take it from me - if you have a friend or family member who lives nearby, have them play along with you the next time you want to win big and see how much more fun scratch cards can be thanks to the cheering and jeering that comes with taking a turn and creating a spectacle of excitement for each other. Your gaming can become a banquet full of friends and fun every time you sign on to scratch off another winning card!