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NeoGames calls itself "the leading global software and service provider of internet scratch cards and instant win games." Having pioneered many of the online scratch card markets that have become popular, NeoGames has shown an extensive commitment creating games that are fun for players, reliable for website owners and always evolve to keep things exciting. Neo Games works directly with many different gaming operators including national lotteries and also has an extensive portfolio of games and services specifically launched to service the web and mobile gaming environments.


The flexibility that NeoGames provides is what allows different gaming operators to offer a game that seems similar but had important rule or payout variations. For that reason, just because you see the 'same' game on two different sites, that doesn't always mean the odds are the same and smart gamers look for the best opportunity to play the games they love.

Since its establishment in 2005, Neo Games has become a leader in the soft gaming market. That's why they are now proud of the fact that they provide more than 200 Million online games played every month. According to their website, they follow six guiding principles:

  • Fair: To be honest, transparent and objective in all dealings with our partners, while ensuring that our games always adhere to the rules of fair play.
  • Fun: To provide players with an enjoyable, engaging and entertaining gaming experience.
  • Simple: As our products cater to the mass market, they must be simple to access and use by anyone, anywhere.
  • Professional: Our unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in the online gaming market provides our partners with a competitive edge.
  • Innovative: ‘Out of the box’ thinking and creativity drive our R&D efforts and make us unique in the online scratch card industry.
  • Approachable: Friendly and accessible team of experts welcome feedback from partners and players.

With those six guiding principles and millions of satisfied gamers it comes as no surprise that Neo Games is internationally regarded as one of the top game developers in the online scratch card marketplace.

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