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Winnings has a somewhat austere first impression, with a plain site design that doesn't really give a casino or games kind of feel. They will catch your interest with all of the talk of a 200,000 Euro jackpot, over 80 games, every third card wins and you give five euros free when you start playing. That's enough to get you past the plain first impression.



Winnings doesn't have a lot of information on its 80 games on the main page, but once you click the games lobby button and you choose real money or free practice play and go through a quick sign up process, you'll be able to browse the games to your heart's content.

The games lobby is a colorful and well designed area that gives you clear instructions on how to get to the over 80 different games. You can choose from three major categories at the top of the page with tabs, either scratch cards, instant games or slots. If you want to get a bit more specific, you can get into other categories under these three primary tabs. There's a game type for pretty much everyone, and the grand prize of 200,000 Euros is enough to tempt anyone.

Winnings is using the Neo Games platform for its game offering, with colorful, simple graphics that load quickly on pretty much every connection speed. The pop up instructions let you know exactly what you need to do to play a game, and you can also choose several auto-play options that allow you to go through the games quickly. If you want to switch from free play to paid play, or vice versa, you have the option at the bottom of every game board. You also have an easy button to get back to the lobby, as well as a browser that allows you to switch from game to game with a menu option.


Winnings offers a variety of games from slots to scratchcards to card games, all contained in bright and cheerful graphics. User friendly options make it a snap to get through the site and to each game, with free and paid play options to cater to everyone.

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