Prime Scratch Cards

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Prime Scratch Cards is an excellent place for scratch card players to enjoy top quality gaming and fair play. In fact, the site defines their notion of fair play with many specifics that demonstrate exactly how committed they are to providing players with a fun and entertaining way to win big online.


Games and Playability

"When we publish a new scratch cards series our computerized system makes a known amount of Scratch cards based on the List of Prizes. There is a 1 in 3 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Scratch card of any game when the series is first published."
So while the odds may be adjusted as time goes on, you can be sure that one of every three cards is a winner on any new game that comes up before they have had the chance to examine the raw stats and make adjustments. With one in three cards winning and
each win capable of being worth many times the cost of the cards you purchase - this is a
potentially powerful combination of ways you can win profitable amounts while enjoying the scratch games online.

Also importantly, "At Prime Scratch Cards we are committed to inform our members about any series where the Big Prizes have already been won. Most of the Scratchcard games in the world will not let you know if the Big Prize is still available when you purchase a Scratch card. That means that on other Scratch card games you can find yourself expecting to win a Big Prize that is no longer available."

One trick used by some other unethical online sites is they hide the fact that big prizes were already claimed. So when you are playing for a massive jackpot of 50,000 or 100,000 and that jackpot has already been won by someone else.. you are 'drawing dead' and the overall prize pool amount is no longer in your favor. The decision made by Prime Scratch Cards to notify players when the big prizes are claimed and to adjust the cost per card or winning percentages accordingly is what makes every new game a real chance at profitable play.

Now, for a limited time, Prime Scratch Cards is also offering a FREE £5 to all players just for registering an account on their site. No purchase is needed and if you win with you free credits you get paid in real money. Of course they know that once you try their site for free and see how much fun it can be, you'll want to bookmark it so you can come back often and increase your winnings over several sessions of scratch card play. Still, it's always nice to start off ahead of the game with free money!

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