Crazy Scratch

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Crazy Scratch looks like it has a crazy amount of scratch card games on offer, with over 60 in total. Crazy Scratch draws you in with the enticing amount of 200,000 dollars to be made on a big win, and you even get five dollars if you want to start off in money play.



Crazy Scratch might not look like a stellar game site with its landing page, but it's a different story once you actually log in. The game lobby page is well designed and has plenty of user friendly options. Category tabs separate the various scratch games from each other, while you can go down to the bottom of the page to switch to the different play modes, go to live chatting, check your balance or use a menu navigation for the games.

The scratch cards are the dominant game here, although you can also get slots if you're feeling those. All of the games allow you to instantly win, and any earnings are added to your account balance. You can deposit in a real money account, while virtual money starts you off at 100 dollars.

The game boards are colorful with decent graphics, and tips pop up to let you know how the games are played. If you ever get stuck these tips should definitely get you back on track, and you won't be wondering just how to make the game go. If you want to automate things a bit, you can use the auto-play options.


Crazy Scratch gives you plenty of crazy games to play, with decent graphics, fast loading and plenty of user friendly options to keep you around. This scratch-card-centric site does provide alternative games as well, so you don't have to worry about getting burnt out on a game type

I got hooked on crazy scratch. I played Spiderman the whole weekend.

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