Responsible Gaming

Online Scratch Card Gaming can be fun, exciting and financially rewarding - but only if you are able to keep it in proper perspective. Our goal at is to assist you with finding the best places to enjoy online scratch card fun, with the understanding that you must be able to successfully maintain reasonable standards of self-control as part of your own gaming experience.

Gamblers Anonymous

Some people have a natural predisposition toward unhealthy gaming practices that can result in serious financial exposure to unsustainable losses, social anxiety, mental health problems and other important dangers that should be avoided. If you find that gaming is not 'fun' for you anymore, it is definitely OK to stop at any time. To assist obsessive gamers with determining if they are at risk, the internationally renowned website Gamblers Anonymous has created a simple online survey which you can try for free any time.
The survey on includes twenty questions designed to help you determine if your own gaming practices have become problematic. We strongly recommend all gamers take this survey as part of a Responsible Gaming approach.

Further Responsible Gambling Information

The gaming companies that publish the games we review for you are interested in earning a profit, but none of them seek to do so at the expense of gamers who unfortunately overreach or take risks beyond what should be considered reasonable. That's why many of them have joined our Responsible Gaming awareness efforts by posting their own policies to help protect people from potential problems. There are also a number of free community sites specifically designed to assist people seeking to overcome gaming obsessions. We have compiled a short list of links to the best of these communities for you and recommend becoming acquainted with them if you believe your gaming fun has risen to the level of an addiction or compulsion:



Please be aware that as part of your gaming experience you accept full responsibility for your own actions online and offline. Each investment you make in scratch card gaming is an inherent financial risk. Winning is not an indication of any future success and any losses will not be excused for lack of proper ethical control on your behalf of yourself. is a free website that is intended to be used only by people above the age of consent, in good health and with the inherent ability to exercise self-control with regard to setting appropriate limits on financial risk, time invested and consensual gaming activities. Your use of this website confers your specific intent to be responsible for your own gaming decisions and to hold harmless for any losses or difficulties real or imagined that you might associate with your own decision to gamble online. We wish you the best of luck every time you play online, but your health and financial security should never be a matter of luck. Set limits, live by them and enjoy yourself.

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