Online Scratchcard Sites Add Incentives and Bonuses to Stand Out

Online scratchcard games and online gaming sites that offer scratch cards have started offering a variety of incentives to get consumers to sign up with their specific sites. The most common incentive that you'll find are various cash incentives to sign up for an account.

Cash incentives are added to real play accounts, and range from a few Euros to much larger amounts. The incentives are used to give customers a no risk way to sample the real play portion of the website. While the real play and free play games play the same, the thrill that comes from real winnings can't be emulated in a free play mode. The incentive money is loaded onto your account once you register for the gaming site, and you can use it as soon as you have completed the sign up process.

Another common money incentive for scratch card games are deposit matches. A deposit match provides you with a matching amount or a set bonus amount with your first deposit. This incentive is designed to encourage you to deposit additional funds for real play on the site, after you are done with your incentive deposit and any winnings that you may have earned. Typically, you only get this incentive deposit match on your very first deposit, but you may find that subsequent deposits may have additional bonuses available. The additional deposit incentives really depends on the particular game site that you are depositing money into.

The last primary incentive type involves bonuses on the scratchcard games themselves. Some game types may have bonuses to promote play, while others simply offer bonus modes that provide you with a way to gain additional money with your original stakes. The rate of the bonuses range from a few extra Euros to thousands more on top of your original prizes. Some of the bonuses are given without any extra game play or effort. Others require you to try your hand at a special bonus round that has different gameplay from the base game.

The bonuses and incentives that online scratch card sites offer can go a little or a long way, depending on your typical wagering strategy. Wagers that go towards the maximum for that game type will blow through any incentive cash quickly, so it is recommended that you go from game to game with minimum wagers until you are familiar with the game types and the way the scratch card system works.

Incentives aren't the only factor that you should look at before choosing an online scratchcard site. The number 1 consideration that most gamers looked at was the site security itself, namely the payment and money transfer security. Other considerations include the number of games, scratch card variety, types of credit cards accepted and the user-friendliness of the site and games. All of these factors should be considered carefully prior to choosing the online scratch card site that's right for you.