Online Scratch Game Winners Can Be Anonymous Or Famous

One thing new players usually forget to think about when they are staring out is the decision to use their real name or a pseudonym while gaming. Some go with their first name only like Rachel, or a last initial like Rachel L., but many follow the online gaming tradition of using a 'screen name' like Relentless instead.

Using a screen name allows you to remain completely anonymous, even if you win a big jackpot and the site posts news about your winnings, it will simply say something like Quilamir won 15,000 EU - rather than posting your real name and letting the whole world know that you now have some spare money on hand if they decide to come calling.

Some players choose their screen names the way a tribal medicine man might choose a name for a member of his tribe - hoping to unlock additional luck or add intangible power to their gaming sessions. "Jackpot", "GoldWinner" or "Tycoon" are a few of the memorable names that come to mind from that category.

No research has been done on the power of a name to help a person win while playing online scratch cards, but many studies have been done about the effect of confidence on competitive activities, and there is weighty evidence that shows if a person feels better about their chance of winning, they do tend to win more often. For that reason, it only makes sense to pick your name wisely and choose a totem that gives you the level of comfort you need to achieve your own goals with online gaming.

Some players have a hard time choosing a good strong screen name and take their time coming up with one. Others snap a name out of thin air quickly or keep the same name for years going from game to game to establish a reputation as a pro player.

The one downside, to using an alias for your gaming sessions is that if you ever wanted to become famous for winning it big, the name choice may be an obstacle you need to overcome later on down the road. Winning a million euros or having the world's longest hot streak of consecutive scratch card wins is an amazing thrill on its own, but being able to tell a friend and point to your name on the website leader board is also quite an exciting moment and if the name you chose is "DiamondMiner" he or she may be unwilling to believe it really was you who brought home the biggest prizes on the board. So, choose your name wisely and happy gaming everyone!