No More Queuing Up To Play My Numbers

I've been an avid gamer for decades. Some of you younger folk can't even imagine a world that existed before the internet, but for many of us the internet is still a relatively new invention. I can still remember Queuing Up outside in the cold on my way to work while waiting for the lottery store to open its doors! Imagine standing outside and freezing your knickers off to make sure you have your ticket in your hand when the drawing happens. We all used to do it, because we knew we would never forgive ourselves if the one day our numbers came up, we decided to skip the trip to the ticket store!

Now, with so many great online scratch card games and all kinds of instant win action, I am having more fun than ever before and best of all there's never a queue for me to deal with when getting my numbers (unless my cat is in the way of my desk lol). I can play my games, my way, any time of the day or night and I don't have to take a cold walk to the store in the snow or rain ever again.

At first I thought the added convenience might cost me, if the internet scratch card payouts were lower than the store version of the games, but after months of charting my games I've actually won more often and taken home larger jackpots online than I ever won waiting around on the street. 

What I can't understand is why I still see people Queuing Up on their way to work the same way they always did. Creatures of habit? Perhaps, but more likely they just haven't found out about the world of online gaming and scratch card sites that is almost in full bloom. I tell them when I see them, and I thank my lucky stars that the internet is finally good for something I like to do!