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A 77 year old man from Blackburn was living his life on his pension when he finally got his big break and good fortune smiled upon him. He had the winning ticket for EuroMillions top prize of £1 million in his hand and wanted to collect his jackpot right away.

The new "Poker Lotto" has recently been announced by The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation as the first game of its kind. Players will be able to purchase scratch cards with instant win possibilities while simultaneously being entered in a nightly drawing to give them a second chance at winning an even bigger prize using the same numbers they scratched for themselves earlier in the day.

PRAGUEThe winning ticket was worth more than 987,500 Czech Republic koruna and a local student who errantly misread the winning numbers mistakenly tore up his ticket and threw it all away!

Nineteen coworkers who jointly purchased a winning lottery ticket recently cashed in their Lotto Max jackpot winning ticket with the expectation that they would be paid promptly by The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, however those hopes were quickly dashed by a disgruntled set of fellow employees who have now filed claims for part of the winnings.