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The Polish national lottery (Totalizator Sportowy) wants to give Polish gamers a chance at fame, fortune and huge windfall jackpots by joining the mega lottery Euro Jackpot.  This is news to the ears of Polish gamblers who have thus far been shut out of the popular game.  With big turnovers the Euro Jackpot offers players chances to win big money with life changing results. 

A rolling stone gathers no moss or so the saying goes and a couple of Millionaire Raffle winners intends on seeing if this is true.  Derek and Sandra Sweets won a £1,000,000 fortune when they entered the EuroMillions lottery. 

At the time Derek was feeling under the weather due to the flu and was all set to have a miserable go of it.  One day he went to open his email and got a notification that his run of luck has turned around in a big way to the tune of £1,000,000. 

This week in lottery news, had completely overhauled and redesigned their website to make it more user friendly and convenient to use.  The growing online gaming community is tech savvy and they demand that sites live up to their end of the bargain when it comes to functionality and basic navigational devices.

Launched in 1996, as the Internet was still getting its legs about it more than needed some basic tweaking from its original design.  Players can expect to find getting around the site much more intuitive and easy. 

Loto-Quebec’s online gaming site recently went live allowing registered users to wager up to $9,999 dollars a week on a selection of virtual games including the wildly popular Texas Hold’Em Poker.  Hold’Ems popularity soared in 2000 because of its increased television exposure and it’s said to have surpassed 7-card stud’s popularity in many casinos.