Online Gambling To Be Reality in Colorado?

Early in 2013 Colorado State legislators introduced a bill that would allow Internet poker to be legalized in the state. This movement stalled, but there are plans to go ahead with an all-out online casino push. Most online casino and Internet poker sites are set overseas, and yet are no less popular in the United States because of it. New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada have all adopted some sort of online gambling venture. Colorado wants to be ahead of the curve on this issue. Many aren't even aware three states now allow some sort of legalized online gambling.

One of the ways online gambling is becoming attractive to State-side casinos is in it's reward system. MGM, for example, now has a mobile app that users play 24/7, and the reward system gives them free food, rooms and other perks to get them into their brick and mortar locations. It lures them away from the overseas sites and back into the State sites, where the money stays with US business.

When MGM launched their app, which shot to the top of the rankings, it was noted many of the downloads came from Colorado. This did not escape the eyes of business leaders and casino owners in Colorado. In essence, staying at home to gamble is hurting their business. They are pressing Colorado lawmakers to adjust their views on online gaming.

Many argue the $34 million dollar anticipated revenue will hurt Colorado land-based casinos. But others say the MGM style reward program could do just the opposite. By offering rewards with real cash value at the land based casino, business could actually increase. There is a discussion at the federal level of allowing online Internet poker across the nation, and some Colorado lawmakers argue that they should be at the front lines ready to run with this online presence.

It has been estimated that since a ruling stating only online sports betting was outlawed in the States, the online gaming industry by 2017 could be a $7.4 billion business. That's something Colorado knows, and is prepared to take a portion.

The new push won't happen until Colorado legislators return to the capital in 2014.

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