Recommend Reveals Four New Games is known as one of the top gambling websites on the Internet, and they are constantly improving their website to make it better for players. June was a busy month for them because they have made several new changes and additions. They have released four new games across their different websites, and each game is fun and rewarding. If you like CrazyScratch, then you should check out their new games to see just how great they are.


If you have recently been to CrazyScratch, then you have probably seen their popular Royal Slots game. The Euroball game is built on the same engine, but it uses images from the EURO 2012 games for inspiration. There are many flags for the various teams, and the game goes by very fast. You can also play up to three games at once with this one. Choose one to three of the balls on the screen. After choosing the ones you want to play, the balls will begin to roll down the rows. If matching flags are revealed, then you win the prize. You get a bonus if all three of the balls reveal the same flags.

World Toto

You start by filling out one to three different forms. You have to decide if your home team wins, draws or loses against the simulated team. Cards will then be drawn to see if you win. This game is very direct, and you can play it in seconds. It might be a simple game, but it is very fun and addicting to see if you win. The extra bit of national pride makes it even more irresistible.

Fruity Friends

How does a fun game of slots sound? Fruity Friends features graphics based on fruits, and this is one of the largest slots games available on CrazyScratch. There are 25 pay lines, and you can even win free turns. Lucky players can even get 30 free spins.

Roulette Pro

Roulette is fun, but the CrazyScratch betting limits are a little low for pro players. Roulette Pro has higher betting limits, and you can easily change your bet during the game. The optional features will be loved by pros, and the game itself runs much better than the original roulette game on CrazyScratch.


CrazyScratch has a lot of games, but they have added four new titles in June. Find out about all these games, and see if they are worth your money.

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