New Keno game brings you back to the classics

It may have a history going back hundreds of years, but a brand new version of Keno is catching the attention of scratch card fans worldwide. The game has been created by scratch masters NeoGames so you know you are in for a treat. Keno is one of the biggest classics of the gaming world, and now a special version has been created for scratch card fans. NeoGames has just released its version of Keno, and it is already attracting attention all over the globe.

The game takes the original lottery-style game and brings it up to date, with the chance to bet from just 20p to 20UKP. It is an amazing opportunity which should not be missed.

Classic graphics

The new Keno game, which is already available on many of the best NeoGames sites, takes its inspiration from the original. Keno was first seen in China hundreds of years ago. It is this longevity which proves Keno’s quality and popularity.

This version includes a simple brown and green colourway, with the main number table across the middle.

It is simple to play and simple to win with. All you have to do is choose up to 15 of the number 1-80, press the Go button and then wait and see if you have won.

The main essence of the Keno game comes from the Keno machine on the left of the window. It is always fun to see the numbers pop out of the machine and drop down while you watch out and see how much you are going to win.

With the chance to win thousands and lots of fun to be had, Keno is already proving to be a favourite with scratch fans all over.

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