Lottery Scratchcards Becoming Increasingly Popular

According to data recently released by Camelot, the company authorized to conduct lottery gaming on behalf of Britain's National Lottery, Scratch Cards and 'Instant play' games now account for more than a quarter of all national lottery operator's revenue. Scratch gaming has become wildly popular in recent months and while players are enjoying all the fun and excitement of cashing their winning game cards, perhaps even more importantly, the scratch games are becoming an increasingly vital source of funds for good causes and next year's Olympics.

The lottery operator published sales figures for the six months from 24 March to 24 September of this year. Total sales have skyrocketed to more than £3.26bn for the six month period, up 19.9% as scratch card gamers continue to overcome economic challenges and other expenses to enjoy a bit of fun with fast- paced and exciting chances to win on award winning instant win gaming titles. A three year study of gambling in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission concluded last year, showing that instant win scratch card games have rapidly become the second most popular form of gaming behind only the traditional lottery draw.

The entire Camelot company was was acquired in March of 2010 by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan for £389m, and now it appears to be headed for record profits on full year sales of more than £6bn, a month ahead of the Olympics opening ceremony next summer, that every Brit has been looking forward to enjoying together. More proof that scratch gaming can be fun for casual or pro players and fantastic for the entire community all at the same time!

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