Hollywood comes to scratch with Top Trumps Celebs

It’s never been easier to join the fantastic world of celebrity as Playtech has launched Top Trumps Celebs, a brand new scratch game available at casinos such as William Hill.

The game is easy to play but extremely fun as it includes a whole range of superstars. From Oscar winners like Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery through to singing sensations Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, all your favourite icons are here for you at Top Trumps Celebs.

The aim of the game is to scratch off the squares and try and find the celebrity which appears under the Prize square. If you find a matching celeb under one of the six side squares you’ll win the prize

Like all good scratch games, there is a massive jackpot, this time you can win up to £10,000. And if you win that maybe you’ll be on the list of celebrities appearing in the next version of this famous game which is already proving to be a massive hit.

Top Trumps Celebs is the scratch version of the wildly popular slots version of the same name. So it is no surprise that there is a link to the slot game at the bottom of the screen, giving you the chance to spin for success after you’ve scratched that itch.

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