Germany Opens Up For Online Gamers And Internet Wagers

Recently Germany had been discussing restrictive new laws to hamper honest online gamers at a time when the European Union is already suffering from widespread economic policy problems. Fortunately cooler heads have prevailed and the German state of Schleswig-Holstein has announced much more inviting liberal online gaming laws that will allow players to enjoy their favorite wagering sites as often as they choose to visit them.

Some stock traders have already noted that other German states appear on track to pass the stricter proposals, but the move by Schleswig-Holstein sets up the potential for either a split in the law or an easy way for citizens to legally gamble in some German states until a "compromise treaty" across the country can be reached which will eventually produce "a commercially viable online gaming law". With one of the fifteen German states already on board it seems the public is well aware of the significance and the stock value of major companies with gaming interests in Germany like soared on the recent good news for scratch card gamers online.

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