Big Scratch Card Jackpots Are Out There Unclaimed

No matter what you call them, scratch cards, scratch cards, scratch offs or just lotto instant wins they are off to a banner year here in 2011.  Scratch card customers have already seen big payouts with many more sure to be coming down the pike.  You’re sure to be reading about a steady stream of winners here as we bring you the latest news in lotto scratch cards.  It was recently reported that Ronald Stephens won $50,000 on a $500,000 Jingle Jackpot ticket.  This means that some pretty big jackpots are still out there to be won! 

The lottery association that created Jingle Jackpot has paid out more than $6.9 million dollars in instant lottery scratch cards during the past three weeks.  So get in while it’s hot.  Scratch cards have seen a rise in popularity the past few years due to the ease of game play and the instant gratification that they provide.  No more waiting days upon days for the lucky numbers to be called.  Instant lottery games have also seen a huge rise in the type of games being created.  Not only are there matching number games but word games, strategy games and instant slot machine games as well.  So get lucky and get scratching!

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