The UK Lottery Redesign Its Own Website

This week in lottery news, had completely overhauled and redesigned their website to make it more user friendly and convenient to use.  The growing online gaming community is tech savvy and they demand that sites live up to their end of the bargain when it comes to functionality and basic navigational devices.

Launched in 1996, as the Internet was still getting its legs about it more than needed some basic tweaking from its original design.  Players can expect to find getting around the site much more intuitive and easy. 

The new site will still feature the lottery results, a numbers generator and a news section but visitors will find this information much more readily than before.  The site has also added online scratch cards and slot machines for serious gamers. 

Sam Weren, who is the project leader for said, “ started life in August 1996 which is a lifetime ago in terms of the Internet.  Since then the site has grown beyond all recognition and we decided that the look and feel that has served us well for the last 10 years no longer provide the navigational options that the modern user demands.”  Way to go for recognizing that the online gaming community is a growing entity that demands top quality products and services.

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