Popularity Of Online Play Continues To Spread In Canada

Loto-Quebec’s online gaming site recently went live allowing registered users to wager up to $9,999 dollars a week on a selection of virtual games including the wildly popular Texas Hold’Em Poker.  Hold’Ems popularity soared in 2000 because of its increased television exposure and it’s said to have surpassed 7-card stud’s popularity in many casinos. 

It is estimated that between 10,000 and 20,000 users will register for the Loto-Quebec’s site within the first month of online gaming action. This proves to the world that the online gaming community is a growing force that can’t be ignored.  The site is expected to generate upwards of $50 million dollars of new revenue for Quebec in 2012 making it a viable source of revenue for the province.

Loto-Quebec is partnering with the B.C. Lottery Corporation, which will create a joint platform for poker offerings.  Now they just have to wait for the avid players to show up.  Along with the standard Texas Hold’Em offering there will be various table games set up for members to play. 

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