Gaming On The Train

Instead of getting annoyed at a passing train, look at is as your ticket to ride!  Recently, a woman who prefers to remain anonymous, was just getting ready to go home when she saw an oncoming train approaching.  It was a regular train to the area and she knew it was going to block her way home for a bit. 

Rather than huff and puff in annoyance she took the opportunity to stop into a local market and play some scratch cards.  A psychedelic orange colored card caught her eye and according to the clerk she proceeded to buy four of them.  With each win she would turn the card in and use the cash for another ticket. 

After one of her trips outside to scratch her card she ran back into the store shouting that she won a million dollars!  The winner was quoted as saying, “if it wasn’t for that train, I would have headed straight home.”  Her win set off a lottery frenzy with dedicated players wanting to see if lightning would strike the little market twice.  So far a few smaller jackpots have been won on the scratchies but nothing that comes close to the million dollar payout.  So next time you are inconvenienced by traffic, a train or a passing herd of goats, you may want to pop into the closed convenience store and pass the time playing the scratch cards!

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