The Rules Or Risk Throwing Away Your Good Fortune

Scratch cards are fun and easy to play but make sure you know the rules to the game! Cemal Celikkanat bought a ticket to the Camelot Blue game and thought that the three £100,000 symbols had to be in line to win. Convinced the card was a loser, the promptly tossed it in the trash and went about his regular day. But something about the card stuck with him.

It wasn’t until he was discussing the card with a co-worker the next day that he realized he had actually hit the jackpot! For the Camelot card all you had to do was reveal the three £100,000 symbols. They didn’t have to be in any type of order. The only problem was that Cemal had already thrown the card in the garbage as a loser. Mr. Celikkanat tried to retrieve the card from the trash at the shop where it was purchased but it had already been emptied and brought to a local repository for incineration.

According to Mr. Celikkanat, “I think about it every day.” What could have been a life changing win fall has unfortunately become a thorn in the side of Mr. Celikkanat. A Camelot spokesman has been quoted as saying, “We have been in contact with this player and whilst we understand and sympathize, with his frustration at having thrown away what he believes to be a winning scratch card, we have explained that all players must be in possession of one to claim a prize.” So please, make sure you know the rules of the game before hastily getting rid of what might be a winning ticket!

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