Lotto Max Jackpot Payout Delayed By Coworker Disputes

Nineteen coworkers who jointly purchased a winning lottery ticket recently cashed in their Lotto Max jackpot winning ticket with the expectation that they would be paid promptly by The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, however those hopes were quickly dashed by a disgruntled set of fellow employees who have now filed claims for part of the winnings.

"A couple of additional claimants have come forward claiming to be interested in a portion of the prize" said Tony Bitoni, a spokeman for OLG in a statement. "Office pools are really very popular and we deal with them a lot so there are some guidelines that we like to give to these group players to make sure we’re paying the right prize to the right person every time.”

The important lesson to be learned from this recent news is that any group plays need to be carefully planned and documented in advance. If you enjoy purchasing your scratch card tickets jointly with a team of coworkers or family members, always take the time to have a properly written agreement created which details who wins what specifically if the numbers match the jackpot drawing. Make your winning day a happy one without any of the strife that comes from incomplete deals with co-winners.

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