My Dog Loves Playing Online Scratch With Me

I know it sounds strange when you read the title but it's all true. My dog Charlie has been with me almost eight years now. He's the best pup on the planet. When I first sat down to try online scratch cards he came running over to my desk like shot out of a cannon! The noises and the flashing cartoons on the screen got him even more excited than me. I started playing and I think he could sense how much fun I was having so he started wagging his tail and not much later on he was barking at the screen before some of my games.

What makes my story even better is I started listing to Charlie and paying attention to when he barked and how much he barked. If Charlie didn't bark at all, I played the minimum investment. If he barked a few times I played more and if he barked a lot that's when I tried to max out my winnings. All I can say is it WORKS! I don't know if it's something only Charlie can hear from the game sounds, or just him being a very lucky English Bulldog, but whatever it is this pooch really knows how to bring home the jackpots!

So anyway, here is my advice. If you have a pet dog or any other kind I guess, show him your scratch games and see how he reacts. I doubt every animal can tell when a big win is about to come up, but I can't believe Charlie is the only one with this kind of luck -  and No, before you even ask, you can't borrow my Charlie!