Lucky Come From Lots Of Places

I'm a novice at online gaming but I've been in the lotteries for a long time and over the years I can honestly say I won more than I lose. One of the things I find is that luck is real. Some people think gaming is all about math and science but that can't explain why some people win mega jackpots and others don't win even if they play every day. What I do is try to pay attention to what I did on the days when I win and see if it works more than once.

Some of the things I have learned may seem cliché but that's no surprise, they became cliché notions because so many people noticed they work the same way! For example, when my Mum was ill I'd go and visit her each day just to try and bring her some cheer. Later I'd be back at home and I found I won a lot more on those nights than usual. I was raised to be a good Manchester man and it always made me feel a sense of pride and peace inside to see my Mum smiling and telling stories.

I've noticed over the years that those positive feelings are what help luck manifest in your life. Doing something to help someone else, being a better person, having that good feeling about yourself inside is what lets luck come out of you and lighten your load in the world.

Some people think that objects are lucky, like a rabbit foot or a clover, but my experience is that those objects are more like reminders of a time and place when you had them while you were doing a good thing and earning some luck.

My lucky charm is me Mum's locket she always word on her necklace. She passed on last year, but her locket brings me right back to those wonderful afternoons sitting and talking over tea. That warm feeling is what I focus on when I go gaming online. I never win if I'm sad or mad or feeling greedy, but if I can get myself in that mood I had with Mum, the jackpots seem to always hit right on schedule.