Life Is Won By Those Who DO not Those Who Say

I had them and I'm sure you all have plenty of them too. Negative people who sit on the sidelines and tell you the mistakes they think you are making with your life. They don't DO anything, they never take a chance or play a hunch, they just sit back with their arms folded telling everyone else how smart they are. Well, the smartest thing I've ever done is find new friends with a positive energy about them!

Having negative people around you definitely wears on you, it drains your own energy and puts so much unnecessary doubt in your mind. More than that, there's a trick to what they do with you. If they predict you will fail every time, of course they'll be right a few times because nobody succeeds at 100% of what they attempt, but they conveniently forget all the times they are wrong and just keep harping on the few times they guessed correctly about your missteps. Who needs that in their life?! Not Me, that's for sure.

When I started playing scratch card games online, I had this one friend named Nigel who kept telling me I was wasting my time and my paydays. I showed him I won a few games but he kept saying 'I'm telling you' you'll lose more than you win in the long run. Well, Nigel isn't telling me anything anymore. I hit three mega jackpots in the same week! Now if I follow the smart money tips from the pros and keep playing my regular amount, it would take months or maybe years for me to be on the losing end of anything.

I told Nigel I'm now playing with house money and at first he didn't believe me. We had been friends of a long time and it hurt that he had such a hard time giving up his negative approach to life that he put it even ahead of his belief in my honesty as one of his close friends. Do yourself a favor, find people to put in your life who want you to win and are willing to put some of their own best wishes behind you. That way whether you win or lose online... you end up a winner in real life!