Learning The Gaming Platform Can Improve Your Winning Chances

As the growth of online scratch card gaming continues to expand rapidly, an increasingly large number of software studios, game designers and scratch card producers are becoming involved in the 'behind the scenes' aspects of your gaming experience. is the only gaming review site that takes the extra step to identify and examine the software providers that are used by each scratch card publisher. You can read in-depth reviews of the companies that include when they began, what their gaming philosophy is and how they differentiate themselves from the other gaming houses they compete with for your playtime.

First and foremost, if you ever find a scratch card site that uses a developer other than the ones reviewed here on online-scratch-card.complease be wary. While it is possible those 'lesser known' companies might be perfectly ethical, the chances of unethical behavior and unreliable game play go up tremendously when you are dealing with an unknown provider instead of the trusted and thoroughly examined companies reviewed here on our site. If you do find an unknown provider, please contact us and let us know the domain name information so we can examine their game play more fully for you.

Software Providers

Of all the known online scratch card sites, there are five major software providers who design and create the vast majority of themed scratch card games you play. 888,Scratch Mania, Mega Money Games, PlayTech and Neo Games are each excellent game makers with advantages and disadvantages to each. We have no reservations recommending the games of any of these providers, but please be aware that they license their games to many different publishers and give each publisher a lot of flexibility in the implementation of each game. That means when you see a specific game on one scratch card site and then see what appears to be the identical scratch card game on another site the two may in fact be quite different in the amount of each payout, the odds of winning and the bonuses offered - so shopping around and reading reviews definitely can improve both your chance of winning and the amount you win with every jackpot!

The main advantage of the games made by 888,Scratch Mania and Mega Money Games is that they produce the games from scratch and publish their own titles directly on their websites for your enjoyment. That means every time you visit their site to experience the finest online scratch games you can be assured that they have complete quality control and support staff available. If you ever have a question about a specific game or a technical issue with the underlying software, these all-in-one providers have you covered from start to finish. On some other sites you can have the frustrating experience of being told the 'problem' is something you need to take up with another company. Going with all-in-one sites like Mega Money Games or Scratch Mania removes that level of complexity and gives you total peace of mind every time.

Conversely, game creators like PlayTech and Neo Games make games for other site owners to publish. On the one hand that does mean you may need two different levels of support staff depending on the questions you have, but on the other hand you gain the advantage of additional impartiality. Since PlayTech and Neo Games do not profit from the outcome of any particular game played, their interest is only in making sure the games are functioning correctly every time you log in to enjoy them.


With so many different themes, styles, payout possibilities and odds formulations - choosing the right gaming platform, scratch card publisher and theme may be the most important decisions you make strategically during your scratch card play. Remember to read the details provided on each site before you play and check back here at to see the newest reviews, tips, guides and news about all the best scratch card companies online today!