How I Got The Mortgage Off My Back

Pick up any newspaper today and you'll see stories of people struggling with their mortgage lenders and bankers during a slew of recent economic crisis. My wife and I have been bickering for months, ever since I lost my job, and I really started to feel depressed about my situation. Then I managed to get hired on at a new place, the salary wasn't the best but the crew were all friendly enough and they all got together at lunchtime each day to trade stories about this or that.

One day one of the fellas mentions he found a site online with that lets him buy real lottery tickets for big drawings of over £12,000,000 so he asks everyone at lunch what they would do if they ever won that much coin. We all got giddy talking about boats and private airplanes and fancy trips to place we only seen on television. Then I started thinking, the first thing I'd do is pay off my mortgage and get the world off my back straight away.

So we hatched a plan to all go in it together. Now every day we each chip in, just the eight of us and buy a handful of new tickets with the same numbers on them. Eventually we know we'll win, it's just a matter of time. What really makes me smile though is the hope we have in our hearts. I haven't felt this way in years. I haven't won yet, but at least now I feel that I have a chance at being a big winner, more than my paycheck would ever do for me and if we did win, I wouldn't be winning alone... it would be me and all the boys from down at the mill doing it together. I already feel like the pressure has all been lifted, and all it took was a small bit of chance and a renewed willingness to dream deeply!