The X Factor Scratchcard

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The X Factor sounds mysterious, but it's a trendy music themed scratch-card game that can get you up to 750 times your bet, making it a remarkably good game to try and win. The game board has a simple but eye-catching design, and the scratch card style game play requires you to match three symbols to win.


The X Factor is the perfect scratch off card game for those looking to win it big. Your minimum stake can be just .10 Euros, but if you're willing to risk it you can wager 200 Euros and get a return of x750. The game board is a 9 panel scratch off card with various music related symbols underneath each block. You pick whether you want to play for cash or for free and then choose your wager. Click “New Card” to start the game up and get on your way to winning the 750x prize. To reveal the squares, you can click the Reveal All button or drag and click your coin with a mouse.

The type of symbol that you match up determines the prize that you get. 3 guitars returns your wager, three stars gets you triple, 3 records is 10x your wager, 3 singing men is 15x, 3 female singers is 45x and if you get three Yes's you're in the money for 750x. You click New Card to continue playing after a win or loss, and can adjust your wager at any time.


The X Factor is a music themed scratch game that results in some very big rewards. You scratch off panel after panel, for a total of nine, seeking to match up three blocks. The prizes range from getting your money back to getting 750 times the amount that you wagered.

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