Tank Commander

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Tank Commander sounds more like a video game than a game that you would find in an online casino. This is a scratch card style game, but instead of a match three scratchcard you are dealing with a battlefield that you have to fire rounds at. You get 10 rounds on a 100 panel board. You only need to find one symbol in order to win your prize.


If you don't want the same old same old in scratch card games, you need to take a look at Tank Commander. You still have the typical scratchcard setup, but instead of using a nine panel board and a match three, you have an 100 panel board and 10 bullets to try to find a single symbol.

It plays out more like Battleship than any scratch card game that you've experienced before, and the game board and graphics really add in to that. You're looking through a firing scope, with the game board in the middle of your crosshairs. You can adjust your stake from .10 Euros to 10 Euros, winning up to 10,000 times your original stake. You can find air strips, convoys and other military symbols if you're lucky on the board.

Tank Commander is a straightforward and fun take on the scratchboard game type, and you can experience it with free or paid play options. You choose before the game loads up, and once the selection is made you can switch it on the fly with buttons on the game screen.


Tank Commander takes a break from the tried and true scratchcard set up to introduce something new to the scene. Instead of a 9 panel board, you get 100 panels and ten shots to get lucky. You fire bullets from your tank onto the board, attempting to uncover a single symbol. If you do, you get your prize. If not it's time to try again.


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