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The classic board game Snakes and Ladders has now been made into an incredibly exciting online board game with loads of cash on offer for players who get in on the action. This brand new game represents a very impressive way for players to have great fun and get in on the action. All you have to do is roll the dice and find the best path to the cash.

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As is to be expected the graphics are top notch and really incorporate all of the best elements of the game into a stylistic recreation of the popular classic. The colours that are used are pastel soft which means that they are much easier on the eyes than players are used to. The sound effects lend a real feeling of reality to the game that adds to the overall effect and makes Snakes and Ladders even more fun.


There is no topping the great fun that is to be had on the computerised version of Snakes and Ladders. Players can take their choice of 3 different characters before they start and play the game precisely as they would the original. First roll the electronic dice then move the character up the ladders towards the treasure chest with all the cash in the centre of the game, but beware of those slippery snakes!


This is a great fun game which gives an interesting new take on an old classic whilst letting players get in on the big bucks! It is these kinds of games that represent a quantum leap forward for players. No longer do players have to spin the wheels of online slots to win the big cash prizes but now they can play creative games for cash too. The real fun part of Snakes and Ladders is in winning the big bucks that are at the centre of the screen and to do that players have to get in on the action now!

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