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The Slot Pyramid Scratch Card is a super fun and easy game that offers some pretty sweet payouts.  It gives you the thrill of typical Vegas slot machines combined with the instant gratification of a scratch card and it can all be accessed from the convenience of your living room via the Internet.  The concept of the game is to scratch off your slot machines and reveal three matching symbols for the win.

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When play begins, you are presented with three standalone slot machines. One game credit allows you three chances to win since each slot machine can be a winner in and of itself. Once the game has started you simply “scratch” off the slot machines. Your goal is to reveal three matching symbols. If you do, you win the prize amount listed below the gaming area. The Slot Pyramid Scratch game is simple, fun and exciting. Payouts were generous and frequent for the time that I was gaming and I was able to quickly build up a nice account balance. The site is clean and well built and powered by Internet gaming superstar Neogames.

If you like quick and immediate gratification, the Slot Pyramid Scratch Card game offers a “Scratch All” button, which will immediately reveal how much money you have won in each game. Hitting the spacebar will also immediately reveal all scratch fields and the prize money won. For serious gamers, there is also an AutoPlay feature built into the site. AutoPlay allows you to set maximum and minimum balances, as well as how many games you would like to play.


With the Slot Pyramid Scratch Card game, you are able to control the card price and the odds and payouts correlate to the cost of the card. Primescratchcards accepts Visa, Mastercard, the Pay Safe Card, Netteller and wire transfer to name a few payment methods. The site is VeriSign secured so all private information is encrypted using SSL and testing is up to date. So if you are looking for a good slot replication game in the form of an Internet scratch card the Slot Pyramid game is well worth checking out. Good Luck!


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