Scratch the Derby

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Scratch the Derby brings you to the horse races, but you aren't going to be going down to the track today. Instead you can experience it through this instant online scratch card game that lets you win up to 100x your stake, so the more you risk the more you can win.


Scratch the Derby is horse racing themed from the game board to the symbols, so it will feel like you're right at the race track. The betting starts at .50 Euros and goes up to 1,000 Euros, and betting the higher amounts gets you the advantage of being able to win the highest prices.

You can play for virtual money or real money with the two different modes available, so you can try the game out before you put actual cash down. The scratch card is divided up into nine panels, and you just need to match three symbols to get a winning card. Use the up and down arrows by the stake to change it, and click OK to start playing.

The symbols are listed on the right so you can quickly see how many you are getting until you win the prize. Horseshoes give you 2x your stake, top hates are 5x, horses are 10x, champagne is 20x, ribbons are 50x, and trophies are 100x. You can keep clicking New Card to continue with the games, and your earnings get added to your balance at the top of the screen.


Scratch the Derby satisfies your horse racing needs with an instant win scratch-off card, and you can win 100x your original bet if you get three trophies. The theme is very well represented, and the stake amounts allow for a wide range of participation in the game.


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