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Risk It Progressive is a progressive style game that has you selecting cards and then attempting to match your selections with a single card from a 52 card deck. The progressive part of the name comes from the fact that you can get bonuses the longer you go, and your winnings keep on accumulating until you cash out.


Risk It Progressive is an interesting game type that provides a nice break from the fairly standard match three scratch cards that you find at 888 Games. Instead of matching symbols, you need to select anywhere between 1 and 12 cards from a 13 card selection. Once you have picked your cards, you need to choose one of three cards dealt from the deck. The amount that you can win depends on the amount of cards that you choose initially. If you pick 12 of the 13, you win very little if you match up. If you pick one and it matches up, you win a great deal.

You choose between real play and free play before the game loads up. The game loading is fast and you select your cards. This game could have used a bit of an introduction, some tips or instruction because it's not your typical game type, and you might be a bit confused about what you're supposed to do at first glance.

Once you have started winning, a meter at the bottom of the screen begins to fill up. You can get a 10 or 25% bonus on your winnings, and the meter keeps on going up until you cash out. The Risk It Progressive game is a fascinating game type that will definitely break the monotony you might find with going to a scratch card dominant site.


Risk It Progressive has you attempting to get lucky by picking out cards that you think will match the one you turn over. You select one to twelve card numbers, and then you flip the card from the deck. If you match, you win, but you win a lot more if you select few cards than if you select many.


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