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If you are a novice scratch card gamer looking to get in on the action with a small investment and a high chance of winning, look no farther than Pluck A Duck from the National Lottery. It provides casual players with one of the best chances of winning and the lowest price per play - making it a great value with lots of ways to win!


The game is simple. Grab your virtual fishing rod, line it up on your screen and pull six different ducks from the water to reveal the cash amount posted underneath each one. If you match any three values on your ducks you win that amount as an instant cash prize!

Unlike other games from the National Lottery, the price per pay on Pluck A Duck is only 25p! So for just £0.25 you can play a full scratch card game, as compared to most other games which require a £2.00 minimum investment. That means you get more gaming time for the same money because you can play 8 full games of Pluck A Duck for the same price as just 1 try at some other games.

The value is even more enhanced by the fact that Pluck A Duck provides a chance of winning equal to 1 in 2.53, which is one of the best winning ratios of any game online. So then, you may be asking 'what's the catch?' and other than a duck being your main catch of the day, the only drawback to this great game is that the biggest prize you can win is £503 at one time. That's a lot lower than many other games, so as a jackpot extravaganza this one may not be the best choice but for steady consistent play you're always best off trying to Pluck A Duck.


New players often flock to Pluck A Duck because of the low 25p investment and the high chance of having a winning scratch card but then they move on in search of bigger jackpot prizes. However, you'll find some of the best pro players stick with Pluck A Duck as their main game because they understand what matters most is how much you win per hour, not how much you win on a single scratch card.

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