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We've all played Monopoly at one time or another in our lives and are familiar with the board game rules and iconic images, but now thanks to the National Lottery we can get deeper into the game than ever before by becoming 3D pieces ourselves and traveling from Boardwalk to Marvin Gardens, passing GO and collecting money all along our way! This innovative new game is among the first to use a three dimensional point of view and that really sets it apart from some of the other scratch card games available online


Simply put, Monopoly 3D may have the best graphics of any game ever produced for online scratch card players. The rendering of pieces, game board and world of Monopoly is flawless and that adds a level of immersion greater than anything a two dimensional game might have for you. There are instant prizes and mini games as you might expect, but the main draw for this scratch card proposition is the wonderful world of monopoly and the truly artistic beauty of the game design

On the downside, to bring you such a beautiful game it seems the National Lottery needed to earn back their expenses in other ways. A careful reading of the game rules tells you that the overall odds of winning a prize is 1 in 3, which isn't bad but it is a bit lower of a payout percentage than some of the other games offered on their site like Pharaohs Fortune or Cluedo. Also, unlike other games on the site, the grand prize available with Monopoly 3D is £50,000 which surely would be a lucky day overall, but still trails behind larger payouts of £60,000 on some other games the National Lottery produces

Still, there is a special joy that comes from seeing one of your favorite games brought to life in a manner that allows you to feel completely immersed in the game itself. Being the top hat, the battleship or the famous race car and moving your way around the board with cash prizes, Chance Cards and of course the Community Chest is a unique experience for any casual gaming fan.


While most pro players who shy away from Monopoly 3D because of slightly lower grand prize payouts and a slightly worse winning percentage available than what is offered by the National Lottery on some of their other games, casual players looking to have the maximum amount of fun rather than eking out every last £0.25 from their gaming time may find the 3D graphics and familiar game characters just too desirable to pass up!

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