Knife Thrower

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Knife Thrower is just what it sounds like – a game of chance that has you throwing knifes at balloons, while a pretty circus girl is getting rotated around the wheel as you throw. This game needs both chance and skill for you to pull it off, as you get winnings based on how many balloons you manage to pop.


Knife Thrower takes you back to circus shows where the brave damsel is in quite a bit of peril, but never in truth because the knife thrower uses his amazing aim to essentially outline her in sharp, silvery knives. You choose whether you want to indulge in free or play mode and then set the stake. The amount that you wager directly corresponds to amount you win, as you can get a prize 10,000 times the original wager.

You open up that much winnings if you manage to knife all of the balloons on the board, which requires you to have a steady hand. Of course there is one rather distracting bit in the graphics on this board, other than the fact that the wheel doesn't rotate as smoothly as you expect. The other problem is that the knife thrower's hand has the knife by the blade, instead of the handle.

Since you only have eight knives, busting the eight balloons is extremely difficult. If you are unable to succeed with this, you do start getting winnings back as soon as you pop two balloons. The amount of balloons that you pop lights up on the game board, so you won't ever be wondering how many balloons you have left to go before a big win.


Knife Thrower is a circus themed game that has you attempting to bust balloons around a damsel in distress. The wheel goes in circles, making it quite hard, and you win the big prize if you stick eight balloons with your eight knives.


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