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NeoGames has released a brand new version of Keno especially for online scratch fans. Featuring quality graphics and impressive gameplay, this is on opportunity to win you just don’t want to miss.


If you’re looking for a return to one of the classics of the gaming scene then look not further than NeoGames’s brand new Keno game. This is one opportunity for you to have fun and enjoy the lottery-type experience from the comfort of your own home.

Keno is a simple game to play – just pick up to 15 numbers from 1-80 and wait and see if your numbers come up. There is no real strategy to speak of but the way it works ensures that it is always exciting. And excitement is what you’re looking for.


Playing Keno is deceptively simple. At its heart you are choosing up to 15 numbers and hoping you’ll see them pop out of the Keno machine. The numbers come out completely randomly so it is always exciting, because when you play Keno on a NeoGames scratch site you will never know what’s going to happen next.

The game includes various options, including the opportunity to allow the computer to pick your numbers at random and various betting options. While many gamers will always enjoy the tension created by the Keno machine, those looking for a speedier game can hit the turbo button. With bets from 20p to 20 pounds you can win big prizes with Keno.


The graphics are simple but fun. Its easy to choose your numbers from the clearly laid out table which takes up the majority of the screen, while the Keno machine creates tension and excitement with its slow but steady number explosions.


Keno is a return to the old school with a quality twist. Players looking for some good clean fun are sure to enjoy themselves, and get the chance to win big.

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