Iron Man 2

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The action is back again with Iron Man 2, the thrilling scratch game based on the hit movie starring Robert
Downey Jr.



Iron Man 2 is one of those great online scratch games that are so easy to get a hang of but is full of excitement
and thrills. And of course while you are having fun you’ll also get the chance to win cash prizes every time
you play. The rules are simple to understand – the aim is to find three reactor symbols on the same row. This
includes horizontal rows, diagonals and verticals. Whenever these symbols appear you’re a winner! The game
includes some fun features and allows you to shuffle the pack and choose a different scratch card even after
you have been presented with one. As is usual in modern online scratch games, you can decide whether to
scratch off the squares individually or simply click on the Scratch All button. You can also choose the Autoplay
function to scratch off a number of cards in a row without having to click on anything.


This game is a real graphical treat, especially if you’re a fan of the Iron Man movies. The graphics follow on
from the successful Iron Man and Iron Man 2 slots and feature all the main characters from the films. These
include Robert Downey Jr in both his Tony Stark and Iron Man guises, as well as the sultry Gwyneth Paltrow
as Stark’s girl Virginia Pepper Potts. The game is full of deep and demure sounds and images, with the
background music setting the atmosphere for the game up well. And the all important Reactor logos flash
brightly against the background, showing you just how important they are. All these elements come together to
make a stunning game which will capture the imaginations of Hollywood lovers everywhere.


We all love entering the world of the movies, and Iron Man 2 will give you the perfect opportunity. It’s fun and
exciting while also being easy to play. And fans of the film itself will love seeing the images of their favourite
characters pop up time and again.

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