Formula Won

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Formula Won is an instant win scratchcard game that has a cute name and a Formula One theme. If you want to combine a great way to win 200x your stake and your love of racing, there could be no better scratch-off game for you.


Formula Won starts you off by asking what type of game you're interested in playing. You can go for the free play mode, also called demo mode, or go for the top prize and start using real cash right away. The stake value is shown in the lower left corner, and you can go ahead and change that before you start, or in between scratchcards. The minimum bet is .50 Euros and the maximum is 1,000 Euros, resulting in a grand prize of 100,000 Euros.

This nine panel scratch-off card has basic graphics and an easy to understand concept. You just scratch off the nine panels on the card to reveal the symbols underneath. If you get three of them to match up, you win the associated value. There are plenty of different symbols and the values are finish flags for 1x, race tracks for 5x, helmets for 10x, champagne for 15x, wrenches for 25x, steering columns for 50x, race cars for 100x and trophies for 200x.


Formula Won has a cute pun as its name but it's a seriously profitable proposition with a very solid game. This match 3 scratchcard uses all sorts of racing symbols to stick with the theme, and you'll enjoy the big winnings if you can match three of the higher valued symbols.


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