Deal Or No Deal

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If you've loved watching Deal or No Deal on television, you're going to love the Deal or No Deal Instant Win game from Ladbrokes. This scratch card game is presented similarly to the familiar Deal or No Deal gameshow where you have to match values in order to win that particular value, and higher amounts of prizes require more matches to be made.


Deal or No Deal Instant Win uses a 22 box scratchboard and a set stake of 2 Euros. You get access to free and paid options, so you can choose whether to try the game out for demo play or put down real money to win. You start by choosing a lucky box on the board, or allowing the game to pick for you with Lucky Pick. If you match two values for boxes under 100, three boxes for amounts under 1,000 Euros, four boxes for values under 10,000 Euros, five boxes for values under 100,000 Euros, and 6 boxes for 100,000 Euros to win that amount.

Deal or No Deal also gives you a banker mode where the banker will offer you the chance to play the blue box game to win cash, if you aren't going to match any of the values on the main game board. You click on three blue boxes, and if the values of the boxes match the values of any of the prizes on the banker's board, you wi


Deal or No Deal is an interesting scratchcard game based after the popular gameshow. You have two modes of play, one of which has you selected through 22 boxes to match up amounts on the board to win them. The other mode is a bonus round that gives you the chance to win cash if you probably weren't going to win much on the main board.

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