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Cubis is a fine addition to some of our favorite scratch card games. It's easy to play, fun to win, and exciting to watch. If you like fast action, then check it out today!

Game Play

You know about Tetris, right? That old school game where the squares come dropping down? Now imagine that in three dimensions. Now imagine that every time you get four squares of the same color in a row, you win cash. Now imagine that every time the squares line up, they start exploding, giving you even more chances of winning cash. Excited yet? You bet you are! To make matters even more heart pounding is not only the massive 15 pay lines, but all the ways you can win. Exploding cubes, dice, and wild cubes can only help pile up the cash.


The graphics are hot. We really love them. The colors are crisp and capture your eyeballs and simply won't let go. Perhaps this is why the time went flying by when we were playing this amazing game. You know those 3D shapes that seem like they keep changing directions? Well imagine a super colorful one that gives you money! That's how exciting this game is!


A single bet can yield you up to 50,000 coins. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how quickly you can start adding up the cash at this rate. On top of that, there's a jackpot bonus just waiting for somebody to claim it. Who knows, it might be you! There's only one way to find out! In case the many ways to win confuses anybody, there's any easy to understand chart of all the various payouts. This makes winning cash seem like a real no-brainer.


Cubis powered by NeoGames, the leader in providing technologically advanced software. That means it loads fast, doesn't require any downloads, and doesn't leave a footprint on your machine.

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