Crazy Ball

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Crazy Ball is a fun game based on the online scratch card format but in bowling form.  To play this game, you place bets on whether or not you will beat the champion bowlers score.  To begin play, you decide how much you would like to wager on your games.  How much you wager affects how big the grand prize is that you can win. 


For example, if you wager $2.00 the grand prize you can win is $20,000. Once you place your bet, you are ready to bowl! You get three lanes each with one roll. First thing you will want to do is reveal the champions score, which is located on the upper left hand of the game board. Now you will see the score that you have to beat. When you click on your bowling balls, they roll down the lane and smash the pins at the end. However many pins you destroy becomes your score. If you beat the champion, you win the amount of money revealed on your display. Each game gives you three chances to win so even if you win on your second roll, there is a chance again to win again on your third ball.

The graphic for the game are rather basic as is the music track and sound effects but I would say they match the feel of the game. Bowling alleys haven’t changed much over the years so it’s appropriate. Crazy Ball is produced by primescratchcards so you know you can expect generous payouts and professional customer service and support. As always, their games are secured using the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology making sure all transactions are securely executed over the internet.

They are currently offering a 100% bonus to new members. This means if you deposit 60 Euros you will get a 60 Euro credit for a total of 120 Euros to start play! Deposits can be made via MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Wire Transfer and Ukash to name a few. If you enjoy bowling or a little more action to your gaming than regular scratch cards offer, Crazy Ball may be the game for you. Good luck and great gaming!


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