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What could be more exciting than an afternoon mystery or a late night session of unlocking secrets and unraveling clues? How about doing all of that as part of the most exciting new scratch card game online. It's the popular board-game Cludeo from Hasbro brought online in a new and exciting way by The National Lottery for scratch card fans to enjoy!


At £2.00 per play with a posted jackpot prize of up to £60,000, you have the chance of earning 30,000x your investment with a single winning scratch card! The posted odds of any card being a winner is 1 in 2.98, so rolling the online dice in each room and revealing a 'Who' and a 'What' clue is the fun way to what may become your biggest payday!

If, after all six rolls of the dice, you collect a matching set of identical symbols, you'll be the instant winner of a cash prize. The better the symbols, the bigger the prize, and Cluedo has some other great gaming features in it for fans of the original game as well. For example, at the start of the game you get to pick which character from the game you would prefer to be - find out whether you have better luck as Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock or any of the other iconic characters you have come to know and love over the years.

To the right of the Notebook you'll see a Board showing nine squares representing the following rooms: Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, and Study. Above the Board you can see how many rolls you have left and in the centre of the board is where you can choose a room to investigate. If you roll an instant win or a suspect or a weapon icon you are on the hunt to figure out 'who done it' and well on your way to winning a jackpot prize as well!


Like many other instant win games based on popular board games, Cluedo benefits greatly from the familiarity we all have with the original game. The National Lottery has done it the right way with great graphics choices, an easy to understand interface and a frequent winning percentage of better than 1 in 3 chances. Any fan of mystery and instant win games online will want to get a closer look at the clues in the Cluedo scratch card game where solving the crime is the fastest way to winning big money!

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